Altered landscape


A production technique that mimics the process of how mankind changes landscapes. 

Throughout history our perception of ‘’the wild’’ has changed; from the place where demons roam to the ‘’sublime’’. Along with perception, also the reasons why we altered landscapes has changed; from religion to industry to leisure. We are no longer participants of nature but instead dominating her. Even though the effects of this act are ugly, there is a lot of beauty in the process of a landscaped that is worked upon, the industry is creating monuments in the act of destroying.


A self-made machine that works on plaster moulds as if it is a landscape, unique drill bits Digg in the mould and take away sediment. This process creates shapes and profiles in the plaster, that after casting it in slip clay, will become visible on the vases, the products of the landscape.
The vase has been a medium for storytelling throughout history; from mythologies to war-stories. Now its telling the tale of nature being consumed by men