Revelations 20:20

Fictionalising material culture

Exploring ways we can look at, and reassess material culture that is dictating our lives:
A deified card terminal, wifi hotspot column and the throne in which we consume entertainment. Accompanied by a codex that depicts an alternative reality where material culture is more expressive.

‘‘Mankind lives in a dual reality: On the one hand, the objective reality of rivers, trees and lions; and on the other hand, the imagined reality of gods, nations and corporations’’

Myth are naturalising a concept or believe, they turn fictional stories into accepted parts of everyday life. These fictional narratives have always dictated material culture and the rituals we take part in. Lately these have manifested mostly in anonymous black boxes that look ‘’undesigned’’. Can making interventions in these objects and rituals involved denaturalise the myth? Is what we are doing now so much different than ancient rituals which we acknowledge as fiction?

By looking back on the contemporary myth in past few decades and rephrase their physical counterparts; fictionalising and dramatising the  semiotics, frame, interaction and context.
Objectively describing how we interact with a traffic light will already reveal the fictional aspects of the ritual: A red light is telling us to halt our course, we wait in front of an imaginary line and others join us in queue. When the sign turns green we are allowed passage and continue our way over a striped surfaces that forms a bridge to the other side of the street.